Oh by the way Pamela,

My apologies to Poison Ivy, I was doing some undercover work last night, which my have involved to evil botany on my part, The authorities are especially interested in Capturing Ivy now, I do hope you do manage to escape Pam.


Hints available for the boys in Blue!

I’ve been terrible to the meager few who wish to hear of my daily life. In other words, I haven’t posted here in a while. Yesterday I got arrested, though technically the federals believe they captured Harley Quinn. I had lunch with the Joker in Arkham’s cafeteria, Which was a riot, if you’ll pardon the minor pun. I got incredibly tired of saying “Mistah J!” Do you know how hard of a habit that is to break? I met up with Catwoman after “Harley” escaped. She was alot better company than the Joker. I can’t quite recall what we discussed, a big plan for world domination, something about the Wayne Manor,  The Mad Hatter, and Matches Malone. Just you wait Gotham-the world will be on its knees.

Until I blog again,



Cursed it may be-lets explore our roots Gotham.


Oh the stresses of an undercover job.You know how it is, infiltrate the ranks of the heroes get on their good side while their every move irritates you to no end.Of course I can do undercover so much better than any of you, still it gets tiresome when they’re dull enough to trust you to keep night watch. Still they didn’t compromise me, my cover was safe, then I got bored and decided to sabotage their base.

Oh Lizzy, I left a little present in the computer system, it should be hacking its way to the batwcave by now-no need to thank me.



Young Justice fans have to watch this. It is the most amazing video I’ve ever seen. ….. especially with tomorrow coming soon……..

I”m pretty sure I tried to kill at least one of these kids, i can’t remember they al start to blur together towards the end- you know?


Apologies to anyone who cares, I’ve been quite busy with plans for world domination. Obviously I can’t disclose details now but You know my pattern, you’ll never know it was me.


So instead..

Instead of boasting and bragging, I’ll be honest here, while I am better than you all I do need some advice. I know there are some more experienced villains on here who have failed to take down Batman, but have succeeded in capturing (at one time or another) or even killing certain of Batman’s sidekicks… I’ve got one on my trail and she’s quite an annoying little bird if you ask me.

Maybe, we can meet up over coffee and talk about plans for world domination.


does no one dare to answer my riddles?

Not even you, Riddler, have tried to prove your intelligence, or at least insult mine, Come on, I was so looking forward to your rant on how dull I am.  I’m so disappointing, are you scared of the long length of these riddles? I was actually hoping you’d continue on with your banter.


Here’s another simple one for anyone who’s bored

Eight fine friends were having a wild party, and everything was spinning out of control. Lucetius and Sani were the ringleaders, which was not surprising; they were bigger than just about everyone else at the party, and people tended to gravitate toward them.

Nobody could figure out who had invited Odain - he was probably the most eccentric of the group. The rest of the crew didn’t quite know what to make of him; he was a chilly fellow, who acted like he was on a different plane from everyone else. 

Nethuns was really the only guy at the party who would have anything to do with Odain; they would occasionally associate, despite the fact that whenever they hung out together, Nethuns was more or less ostracized from the inner circle. When he wasn’t hanging out with Odain, Nethuns spent most of his time with Coelus, who lived just down the road.

Then there was Alipes and Tyr, Alipes was always running off at the mouth, spreading gossip like you wouldn’t believe, and Tyr, who lived just a few houses down, was always getting ticked off at him, and threatening to pulverize him. But that was Tyr for you, always looking for an excuse to fight.

Oh, and don’t get me started on Freya. Whew! that chick was really something. So self assured, so confident, so doggone beautiful…but man…don’t let looks deceive you. That girl had an acerbic personality like you wouldn’t believe. Not even Lucetius - the biggest and baddest of them all - would have anything to do with her.

And there you have it. Not my kind of party…I like to keep my feet on the ground, if you know what I mean. Especially after I realized that none of these people were who they seemed. In fact, when they introduced themselves to me, none of them gave me their real names! I was dismayed.

So what I’ve been trying to figure out all evening is this:

If “Tyr” is a pseudonym, what is this party-goer’s real name?

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